• Appointments

    Manage contacts, appointments and receive reminders.  Document the appointment on site.

  • Medical History

    Track Vitals, medications, surgeries, and procedures.  A complete medical history at your finger tips.

  • Progress

    Track ailments, episodes, milestones, goals, observations, behaviors and diet, all from one location.

  • Documents

    Manage and retrieve securely stored receipts, medical documents and prescriptions.

Our Mission

The Levi Project Community is a non profit organization here to support the families of special needs children through technology and to build a community to share knowledge and resources to make everyday challenges easier. There are already a lot of great applications and technology available specifically to support special needs children. Our focus will be creating simple to use applications to support the caregivers and families. We want to make managing the daily tasks simpler so that you have more time for the more important things.... caring for your special needs child and family.